Here is a really cool article written by Jim Collins who writes for an online rock magazine called "Fuel The Scene."

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Auroras Hope: Saving Rock and Roll

Photos and Writing by Jim Collins
You ever find yourself wishing for that sound from the 90’s that the music world seems to have lost? The sound that changed the music world when it was released. You know what I am talking about. That grungy, harsh, yet melodic northwest, Seattle sound. Just raw rock and roll!
Well music lovers, I am here to tell you that there is hope. In fact, there is Aurora’s Hope. A trio of self- described “dirty redneck” kids from Midland, NC, that have not only harnessed that sweet sound of the 90’s in their music but combine those tones with their own touch in every energy filled show they play. Not only are they creating something musically special right now, but even the band name garners your attention. Oddly enough it has Seattle ties. Drawing inspiration from a street there, Aurora Avenue is a place junkies go to leave the world around them behind. The encouraging name Aurora’s Hope reflects that desire to escape as we all want to do at times.
Consisting of Gannon Day age 21 (guitar/vocals), Blake Meadows age 21 (drums), and Adam Dunne age 22 (bass), the band’s skills are well beyond their years when it comes to performing. Gannon began playing around 7 or 8 years of age. With impressive guitar skills and amazing vocals, he immediately grabs your attention. His playing and singing are a defining part of the band’s sound. Blake picked up drumming at the extremely young age of 2 and it shows. Watching this guy play a live set is exhausting! Not only does he put tons of energy into his drumming, but he also carries the beat and fills in with perfection on every song. Meanwhile, Adam keeps driving that rhythm right along with him. Starting out musically as a guitarist, a series of fortunate events moved Adam into the world of bass playing around age 14. The school jazz band needed him to adapt and being able to read bass sheet music proved to be a determining factor that changed his direction. He is also quite the showman as it is common for him to run through the crowd while playing or even pull fans in to be part of the show. Throw all this talent together and you have the must-see band currently ripping up the Charlotte area venues.
Like many musicians, these guys have been in a few different bands along the way. The 3 first met up in 2017 when Adam answered a “bass player wanted” ad posted by Gannon and Blake at Guitar Center. Unfortunately, the stars weren’t aligned, and it would be about 5 years before the Aurora’s Hope we know today would unite. Although only a short time has passed since joining forces, the guys have strongly bonded in playing and songwriting. Getting inspiration from basically anything that sounds cool, they develop their music from many different influences. The songwriting process may have a simple beginning like being alone with an acoustic guitar or a random riff played during rehearsal that they all like. Once the process begins, all 3 members contribute and eventually they have something new to offer music listeners.
Speaking of listening. Want to hear these guys now? Go to your streaming service and look for their EP Amazing Disgrace. It contains 6 original songs that will only leave you wanting more. Immediately you will understand the comparisons the band is getting to the greats like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Alice In Chains. The awesome thing is that despite similarities, Aurora’s Hope is creating their own path and sound. Songs on the EP like “Get” and “Separate” show their versatility. Listen to the song “Pestilence” which was written after listening to the Allman Brothers ‘Sweet Melissa’ and you get the point. These guys are unbelievably good! The future looks bright and there is more to come as plans are to get into the studio this year and compile a full album.
Music lovers need to keep up with this band. Go and find where they are playing and what all is happening. Catch a show! Support! Listen on streaming, buy merch, albums, and spread the word that there is ‘Hope’ for rock and roll…. Aurora’s Hope!